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Satellite Finance Network Conference -- London, 4 April 2016

The SFN conference had an impressive list of speakers and delegates.  Enabling business and removing roadblocks were covered in equal measure; a well-balanced agenda.  Innovate UK, The Satellite Applications Catapult and UKTI delivered a clear message that the UK government continues to be committed to doing both.

Not that the conference devoid of interesting technology.  Oxford Space Systems showed that there are still opportunities for innovative space hardware.  ExactEarth revealed that even if the perception is that the real value-added comes from the processing of big-data sets the sensor on the satellite is still key.  In the case of ExactEarth this includes some critical DSP in the avionics.

There were signs that the industry is listening to the market.  Most operators mentioned the need for hybrid systems with space and terrestrial components.  The prospect of 5G is sharpening the mind.

And finally, as one would expect, the inflight connectivity market was discussed, notably in the CEO session where Rupert Pearce of Inmarsat showed particular insight.  A suggestion from the floor that operators and manufacturers should collaborate more to prevent the need for airlines to have to change equipment – antennas in particular – when switching services was met with thoughtful nods all round.

This is an area where Stellar Solutions Aerospace has particular expertise.  The airlines and aircraft OEMs know how to do this and have been mandating interchangeability standards for 60 years.  The fact that they have chosen not do so recently is in itself revealing.  Advances with new constellations and HTSs will mean changes in hardware and re-certification.  It is unavoidable.   These non-safety communication systems will experience the same level of churn seen on IFE and interiors.   What is important is that the airlines move forward with an appreciation of the cost implications of upgrades and re-certifications.  Ill thought through plans and knee-jerking to the market demands will in the longer term slow the growth of this business.

Roger McKinlay

Stellar Expands Earth Observation Satellite Integration Support

Posted 7 September, 2016

Toulouse, France -- September 7, 2016 -- Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited (SSAL) has expanded technical services to the customer of a GEO observation satellite system in development at the satellite manufacturing facility in Toulouse.  Two additional full staff bring extensive experience in system and subsystem integration and product assurance, and will participate in design reviews and provide on-site support through the integration and test phase.   

Stellar Support to Next Generation Constellations

Posted 29 June, 2016

Guildford, UK -- June 29, 2016 -- Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited (SSAL). a global provider of aerospace systems engineering support and strategic management services, is supporting Surrey Satellite in the first phase of a next generation non-GEO constellation study commissioned by ESA/ARTES and managed by UK Catapult.  

This engineering and technical support builds on prior experience with O3b and ongoing Stellar support of a non-GEO constellation now in development, particularly how to ensure market drivers and capabilities are incorporated into satellite and system design.   

Chris Schram Named CEO of Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited

Posted March 1, 2016

London, UK -- March 4, 2016 -- Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited (SSAL). a global provider of aerospace systems engineering support and strategic management services, today announced the appointment of Chris Schram to the position of CEO.  In this role, Mr Schram will be responsible for the overall operation of SSAL as a leading provider of dedicated system engineering, program management and strategic planning support to significance aerospace programmes, as well as spearheading the further development of international relationships with key vendors and organizations in the commercial, government and science sectors.

Mr. Schram brings an extensive commercial and international space background.   During his 30-year career he has worked for companies including O3b Networks, SES, New Skies Satellites, PanAmSat, and Hughes Aircraft Company Space & Communications Group.   His experience includes the development and expansion of start-up  satellite operators, with technical, operational and strategic responsibilities, as well as building and leading multinational teams responsible for system design and procurement, product development and implementation, and operations.

"I'm delighted to welcome Chris in this key role," said Celeste Ford, CEO of Stelar Solutions Inc., the companies US-based affiliate, "Stellar Aerospace is a top performer in global systems engineering and strategic support services, and I am confident that Chris' talent and extensive experience will allow us to further strengthen our global business."

Mr, Schram is a US Citizen, a graduate of Princeton University, and has worked in Den Haag, Netherlands for the last 16 years.

UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills Publishes SSAL Report

Posted February 23, 2016

The UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) today published the Stellar-led research report "UK aerospace maintenance, repair, overhaul and logistics industry analysis".  The study team, led by Hans Karlsen, assessed the size, nature and scale of the UK aerospace maintenance, repair, overhaul and logistics (MROL) sector and the growth opportunities associated with it.  

SSAL has established a strong team in the aeronautical sector, concentrating on satellite communications services, in-flight entertainment, and navigation and traffic control issues.  


​SSAL Provides Satellite Integration Support Team

Posted November 1, 2015

Stellar Solutions Aerospace has commenced on-site program management and engineering support for a Middle East satellite operator, at the satellite manufacturing facility in France.   The team provides technical product assurance support through integration and testing, including specialized payload expertise.

SSAL, and its sister company  SSI in the US, provide engineering support for commercial GEO and and non-GEO satellite projects, bringing key skills and broader industry experience to customer in-plant integration and program management teams. 

Stellar Rises to #6 on Fortune Magazine’s Best Small Workplaces List

Posted October 26, 2015

Stellar Solutions, Inc, sister company of SSAL, was once again named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 25 Best Small Workplaces in the US, moving up to #6 on the list from #17 last year.

“We are deeply honored at Stellar Solutions toreceive the Great Place to Work recognition. Creating a fun and supportive work environment has always been important to us because it is essential to support our Stellar team while they are busy satisfying customers’ critical needs and having high impact on important national security programs and other exciting aerospace ventures. I want to thank our team for their positive feedback on the Great Place to Work survey and for all they do every day to keep us Stellar.”

–Celeste Ford, Founder & CEO

Stellar Solutions and Falcon 9 Launch 

Posted March 25, 2015

From the entire team at Stellar Solutions, we wish to express our warmest congratulations to our customers at ABS and Eutelsat NA and our teammates at Boeing Satellite and SpaceX on the successful first dual-passenger launch of the Falcon 9 rocket to loft ABS-3A and Eutelsat 115 West B, the first Boeing 702SP satellites into orbit.

Stellar Solutions and SSAL are proud to be part of the pioneering team that achieved this significant milestone on March 1, at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

SSAL Featured in UK Defense Management Journal

London, UK -- 17 October 2012

In a feature article in the UK Defense Management Journal, Stellar Aerospace outlines cost savings opportunities though MoD use of commercial satcoms.  Stellar Aerospace provides strategic and planning support to European and UK agencies involved in satellite communications, as well as working with satellite manufacturers and operators serving both commercial and government sectors.    

Stellar Aerospace Announces Appointment of New President and CEO

London, UK – Feb. 21, 2010 -- Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited (SSAL), a global provider of aerospace systems engineering support and strategic management services, today announced that it has named Rainer J. Koll to the position of President and CEO. In this role, Koll will be responsible for the overall operation of SSAL as a leading provider of direct systems engineering, programme management and strategic planning support for significant aerospace programmes, as well as spearhead the further development of international cross-sector relationships with key decision makers in the commercial, government, and science sectors. Prior to joining Stellar Aerospace, Koll served as Managing Director and Vice President of Thales Avionics Ltd. and most recently fronted his own management and technology consultancy with a prominent roster of clients including Lufthansa, T-Mobile, VT Miltope, Thales, TriaGnoSys, ESA and the EC. He holds an MBA from City University Business School in London, a Master of Science degree from Goethe University, an engineering degree from Werner von Siemens Technical College in Frankfurt and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society