Our values


We align our customers' critical needs with our employees' dream jobs. Whatever it takes. We want our employees to be happy and enjoy the work that they do. Happy employees are more productive and motivated to build relationships with their customers and achieve mission success.

Crossing the Boundaries

We promote knowledge sharing among our employees to cross the boundaries between diverse projects and industry sectors so they can facilitate creative solutions for our customers

Hire 2, Get 200

Stellar is all about collaboration. Our employees seek out ideas from the entire Stellar team, so when you hire one or two engineers, you benefit from the knowledge base of the entire company.


Our Company.

​Our Values.

About Us

Stellar Solutions Aerospace Limited was established in the UK in 2004, to further Stellar's vision internationally:  satisfy our customers' critical needs with talented and engaged staff, helping them realize their dream jobs.

Today the company's guiding principles and values remain the same, with a diverse, multi-skilled international staff and an equally diverse and innovative set of international customers.

Engineering and project support for space systems remains SSAL's core business, but in recent years the company has further diversified to support aeronautical market assessments and projects, and to provide due diligence and other advisory services to the insurance and financial sectors.